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7. - 9. 10. 2019 / 7th to 9th October 2019


Dear participants of conference Child in motion,

the conference is just around the corner and you can find the last version of the CONFERENCE PROGRAMME website: (www.ovg.si).  

Beside rich scientific and professional lectures we are organizing also some social events (free of charge for participants):

We are pleased to invite you to a romantic sightseeing of the city of Piran

18:15 departure from the Grand Hotel Bernardin Guided tour of the cultural sights of Piran

19.30 Reception and welcome drink at the CAFÉ TEATER Piran


Due to organisation purpose you need to register your attendance to get a coupon at the conference registration desk.

Registration – Romantic sightseeing of Piran


On Tuesday, 8th October 2019 at 8.00 p.m. you are cordially invited to attend the conference Gala dinner

at Grand Hotel Bernardin, Portorož. (Registration is needed to get a coupon at the conference reception desk.)






Final program available now >click here<




Invited speakers: time: 50 minutes (45 minutes and 5 minutes for question)

Key note speakers: time: 30 minutes (25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for question)

Session presenters: scientific paper presentations are 12 minutes in (10 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for question, professional paper presentation are 10 minutes (8 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for question).

Session chairs should inform and audit the length of presentations. Because presentation time is limited, scholars should not expect to prolong the time. The presenters should employ a PowerPoint or Prezi program to present.

It can also be useful to present the key ideas in the language best understood by most of the anticipated audience, emphasizing research questions, methods used, summary of main findings, and discussion

Things to Remember

  • Going over the time limit only prevents further discussion (it cuts into the session’s time, which cannot be extended), and is disrespectful to the other presenters and the audience.
  • Session chairs are encouraged to be strict with time. Presenters will be interrupted and stopped by the session chair if they do not keep to their allotted time.
  • Technology should be used appropriately: technology should enhance a presentation, not be the presentation. Presenters should set up (upload) before the session begins by USB to avoid further time distress.
  • Presenters should usually avoid telling the audience too much biographical information – this cuts into the time allotted to the presentation and the content of the paper.


An effective poster presentation functions in a similar fashion to a traditional presentation: it serves to promote scholars’ work and stimulate scholarly discussion. A poster should concisely present the major points of the author’s research and should also provide information on how one might contact the author. It is important for scholars to have a poster that is easy to read, and that can facilitate discussion about the research project.

A poster presentation should take approximately 5 minutes to present. The amount of text should be limited, and the language on the poster should be simplified and clear. Photographs, charts, graphs, and tables should be used when possible. The font of the poster should be larger – it should be legible from about 4-6 feet away (usually, this is a font size of 18-24 in a font such as Arial or Helvetica).

Posters should contain the major components of an article. Conventional sections in a poster include an abstract, introduction (which will include objectives & hypotheses), methodology, results, conclusion, and contact information.

Things to Remember

  • Although it is tempting to put more information on a poster, too much information can become confusing for viewers and distract them from further inquiry into the research project.
  • Presenters are responsible to hang out the poster on the desk before the poster section.


If a paper proposal is accepted for presentation to “Child in motion” conference, the author (or at least one of the authors for a multi-authored paper) is expected to attend.

Nevertheless, on submitting papers to conference, authors must agree that if their paper is accepted for presentation, but they are unable to attend the conference, they will immediately inform the Organizing committee before the conference starts. Presenters who do not appear to present their paper and do not inform the Organizing committee can cause considerable disarray, lowering the quality sessions and affecting negatively on the climate of the conference. Papers are accepted for presentation by their authors. If the authors are unable to attend, conference policy is that the papers or posters will NOT be presented. We do not allow papers to be presented by anyone who is not the author.

Dear all,

Due to high inquiries for registration at the jubilee 10th International Scientific and Professional Conference “A Child in Motion”, the Scientific Council and the Organizing Committee of the Congress decided to extend the deadline for submission of abstracts by 10th of June 2019.

We hope to see you at the Conference.