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7. - 9. 10. 2019 / 7th to 9th October 2019


Plennary lecturers

Prof. Anita Hökelmann, PhD

Institute of Sports Sciences, University of Magdeburg, Germany

Presentation Title: »Physical activity and cognition«

Prof. Sandra Pais, PhD

Center for Research and Development in Health, University of Algarve, Portugal

Prof. Marcela González-Gross, PhD

Department of Health and Human Performance, Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences-INEF. Technical University of Madrid, Spain

Keynote lecturers in the section

prim. assist. prof. Jernej Završnik, PhD, MD

Community Healthcare Center Maribor, Slovenia

Presentation Title: »The Importance of Movement for Coherent Child Development«

assist. prof. Marta Bon, PhD

Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana

Presentation Title: »Cocreators of the active sports environment of children and youth«

assist. prof. Sanja Šalaj, PhD

Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Prof. Irena Rogelj, PhD

Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Presentation Title: »The impact of early life exposures on growth and body composition of a child«

Prof. Maha Mahmoud Shafik Ebeid, PhD

Faculty of Pysical Education for girls, Alexandria University, Egipt

assist. prof. Elena Komova, PhD

Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine of the Russian State University for Sports Education, Youth, Tourism and Research, Moscow, Russia

Presentation Title: »The use of information technology to assess and correct school students’ physical condition«

assoc. prof. Vladimir Ivančev, PhD, MD

Faculty of Kinesiology Split, University of Split, Croatia

Presentation Title: »Advantages and disadvantages of early sports specialization«

assoc. prof. Nenad Stojiljković, PhD

Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Niš, Serbia

prof. Siniša Kovač, PhD

Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina